FFT Interior Summer Field Tour

We are having the FFT Interior Field Tour on

July 10th and 11th 2018

The tour is free but you need to register - Use the Registration Tab

Location: We will marshall across the street from the Prince George District office in the CN center parking lot.
West to Bednesti Research Trials (kilometre 21 along the Bobtail Lake Forest Service Road) and east to Tabor Lake Area Cross Country Ski Area.

Depending on number of people that registrar, we will likely split the group up (most likely by buses). We will then take one bus to Bednesti Research Trials and then further split that group into stations to rotate around the trials so that the groups are relatively small. The other bus will go to John Revel’s trial and to high density (5000) Pli planting sites. Then switch at lunch. If the registration is really high then we will split the days.

We hope to provide silviculture extension to all practitioners so this is open to everyone - Government (FLNRO and BCTS), Licensee, First Nations, Consultants